Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Rue You

I was so excited to stumble across a new online magazine "Rue". Not only is it totally gorgeous and available online for free, it's first issue features the home of one of my favourite bloggers - Victoria from sfgirlbybay.

Here are some images of her amazing home. I just adore how she uses the blank canvas of black and white walls to frame her ever-changing collections.

*Sigh* - I think I just died and went to interior design heaven reading Rue.

As a side note, does anyone happen to know where that bedspread with the birds on it is from? I'm in love and think I need to have it.


  1. I adore her home - the bedcover is by dwell studio i believe..

    PS well done on the rendering - it looks fab!

  2. Ohmygod!!! I officially love you "It followed me home"... that website is so gorgeous. I'm in lust with the the yellow/blue peacock cover. Although the price tag isn't so appealing! I think this will have to live on the wish list for the time being.