Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Operation ugly courtyard - colour choices

Now that I've put myself into hardcore "must make my courtyard look pretty" mode, I've got myself into some what of a dilemma. I'm pretty much set on the idea of having the two walls in question rendered (whether it's a DIY job or paying someone to do it). Obviously the next tough choice is what colour to paint the rendered walls!


Here are a few colours I've taken screen shots of from the Dulux website. I'm tossing up between using a neutral beige / brown / taupe / grey and something purple. Well maybe not purple purple... possibly something in the aubergine colour family. I know the colours on the website aren't necessarily the most accurate representation, so I will check them out in store before making a final decision... but I'm quite liking purple empire and sinful.
Thoughts, comments, suggestions? Have you done something similar? Do you have a favourite paint colour you thing would work with my "gorgeous" cream paving? Let me know.

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