Friday, September 17, 2010

50 pots of mondo grass please

Following on from a suggestion from one of my lovely commenters, lupinbunny, I have been checking out gumtree on the search for cheap plants.

Being the budget-conscious renovator/ home-decorator/ gardener / general tight-ass that I am, you can imagine my excitement when I saw mondo grass advertised for $3/pot (or $2.50 each if you bought 10 or more). Talk about a bargain in comparison to the going rate of about $8/plant from the various nurseries I had checked out over the prior weekend.

As a member of the fairer gender, I'm more than happy to admit that I don't have the best spatial awareness... trying to guess how many 5 inch pots of mondo grass would be required to do a boarder in my front courtyard is just beyond my skill set. (Seriously, the only need for maths in my daily life is to figure out perfentage discounts when I go shopping.) Given the bargain price I figured it would be better to purchase more plants rather than less. Fifty just sounds like such a nice round number... right?

For the record, 50 pots of mondo grass is a lot. It took up the entire boot of my car (Clementine):


Plus this:


Sometimes less is just more. On the upside, it looks like I only need about 25 plants to do a boarder in my front courtyard, so I have another 25 plants to play with in the rest of my garden.


  1. It makes me incredibly happy that your car is named Clementine. <3

  2. I know, it rocks right? I joke that I had to name my car Clementine to save my future potential unborn daughter/s from the possibility of getting the same name. Secretly though, I think they're still at risk ;)