Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miss Lola

This post has absolutely no relevance to my blog whatsoever, but after *misskitty* spyed a hint of Lola in an earlier picture, I thought I'd post a full picture. Lola is my family's gorgeous pet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, she's about 8 months old now and is very popular with the neighbourhood kids. If anyone is considering the breed I can highly recommend them. This is the second Cavi my family has had (and we love them so much my Mum is considering getting a second). They are gorgeous, gentle dogs and are great with kids. They aren't the brainiest breed out there, but definitely trainable. They love company, so probably aren't suitable if you aren't home a lot.

So by popular request, here is a picture of the gorgeous and totally pampered Lola , snoozing on my brother's bed. There's a few more pictures on my flickr account if anyone is keen - just click on the picture to access flickr.



  1. She's adorable! I grew up with Cavi's too. We had 2 Blenheims, 'Sophie' and 'Rowley', and my Sister had 2 tri-colours 'Polly' and 'Max'. They were all gorgeous and much loved members of the family. I would dearly love another, but the cat and Hubby would have heart attacks!!

  2. Wow - she has grown so much since I saw her in April... and cuter!

  3. Oh she is simply gorgeous! She and my harry puppy match! hehehe I would love to get harry a little cavalier girlfriend to keep him company during the day however the nasty pasties within my body corporate have passed a new rule forbidding pets now so it'll have to be just him and the cat for the time being. Thanks so much for posting up the pics of Lola! :)