Monday, January 25, 2010

Quick update - my chairs arrived!

As you may or may not recall, I posted earlier about the white Eames DSR chairs which I ordered from Replica Furniture.

I'm very pleased to say that they were couriered to my door only four business days after placing my order. The chairs arrived in two separate boxes, one for the seats and one for the legs.

I've been really busy painting my place and only managed to find the time to screw one together this afternoon. One down fall I'll say is that assembly instructions weren't included with the chairs... However, I think even the biggest allen key hater out there could have figured it out! One seat, one set of legs, four screws, one allen key and voila - you're done.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this website to anyone looking to buy these chairs or other similar products**. I'm really excited to assemble the other three up and to see how they look with my table.

** Disclaimer - I have no affiliation with this website whatsoever and am simply sharing my experience for the benefit of others.

Eye charts

Eye test charts - once a necessity for those of us who lack 20/20 vision, now a cute way to decorate your home.
I've noticed a few of these popping recently, on tea towels of all things!

"The mystery of life is the visible, not the invisible."

Available from Poulier + Poulier Design.

Customised eye chart. Available from MySweetPrint's etsy shop.

Available from gracehesterdesign's etsy shop.

Inspired by these cute images, I decided to give it a try for myself.

Ahh, the words of the Beatles ring as clear today as they did when the song was first written. I have my own little eye chart framed in my bedroom.

Latest obsession - cow hide rugs

I'm not quite sure how this started - but I just love cow hide rugs. I really want, nay, NEED one in my home.

Set off the alarm - my obsession has reached pandemic levels!

Jokes aside, I love how they can bring a little bit of warmth into a room.

Image from m2matiz ° o .

Image from Living Etc. January 2005 via tallulahblue's photostream.

Image from alexinteriors.

The major dilema I face is what colour would suit my place? Overall I have a fairly neautral colour scheme - white walls, mid-brown tone floorboards, white couch, teak table.

I really like the look of this rug with the beautiful tan and white components.

However, I'm not sure if I would be safer choosing something like this rug which has more grey tones in it.

Both images from naturalmadehide's ebay store.

Once I decide on a colour I think the difficulty is going to be finding an affordable option!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sofa, so good

Just a quick update to say that my search for the perfect sofa is over! I went to Freedom last night to check out blinds (which is a whole other story) and ended up buying a sofa.

They are currently having a sale and I managed to pick up a gorgeous white leather sofa. It was floor stock and had an extra $400 off the already reduced price!

Unfortunately this was the only picture on the Freedom website. Personally I don't think it does the piece any justice, but then again, I'm biased. It's really simple with clean lines and gorgeous leather - I can't wait to get it in my house. If anyone is interested it's called the "Palladium 3 Seat Sofa".

The one question I'm faced with now is whether or not it will match my pair of retro tv chairs which I previously posted about. Here's the picture again:

House 016

Alternatively, (becase every girl needs a back up plan) I also own a white replica Arne Jacobsen Egg chair.

Image from girlfriendtd .

I personally think the chair looks gorgeous in the context of that photo (although I think the super cute dog might help the situation).

Decisions, decisions... I'm sure once I have the furniture in my property it will all come together.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A little project

When I finally move out, I'm likely to inherit a few bits and pieces from my lovely parents. I'm not sure they know this yet, but I have decided that I am most definitely going to take (I mean, "inherit") one of their old outdoor settings.

It features two chairs which look exactly the same as this one and a matching table.

Image from Vlux.

I think they're pretty cute. The only issue is that they are currently painted a lovely forrest green (I can assure you, it was totally in fashion in the 90's!).

In any event, they are not entering my house until they have had a makeover. I'm having a tough time deciding what colour the should be painted. Possibly a lovely duck egg blue, or maybe yellow.

I'd love some ideas on this, so if anyone out there is ready this blog - post a comment! Come on, there's no need to be shy.

I think I would also make some cushions to go with the chairs, maybe in a candy stripe fabric. But I have to say I have a massive soft spot for Amy Butler fabrics.

Amy Butler fabric can be purchased from Etsy.


I know I'm not quite at the decorating stage of my home, but what I would give to have a feature wall (or three) covered in some gorgeous wallpaper!

I'm very partial to any and all of the Florence Broadhurst designs.

Image from WA today.

Florence Boradhurst wallpaper is stocked in Australia through Signature Prints.

This gorgeous floral wallpaper is featured in a beautiful home over at one of my favourite blogs Nestled In. I think I could be happy all day staring at a wall like that!

Image from dottie angel.

Who wouldn't love to work in this office?

Image from ivy style33.

For the time being I think I'll keep on dreaming about these beautiful prints... maybe when I get closer to finishing my renovations I can manage to incorporate some wallpaper somewhere.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Creepy crawlies

I'm a big fan of these window boxed butterflies which seem to be popping up recently in many homewares stores and magazines.

I think they would look beautiful incorporated into a feature wall with a variety of photos and artwork.

If you're a bit of a museum geek, or just into something a little bit different why not try a stag beetle or a scorpion?

All images from BugUnderGlass' Etsy Shop.

As beautiful (and quirky) as these displays are, if you decide to purchase one I would encourage you to ensure that the insects have been bred as part of a biodiversity program, or where the profits provide economic benefits to local communities.

I personally purchased a couple as Christmas presents for my Mum. She's going to hang them on her wall, but for the time being here's a little snap:

If you are interested in purchasing some for yourself, there are a several sellers on etsy. Alternatively, if you're in Perth - I've seen them stocked at both Empire and Post Emporium. Or for an online store (based in Australia), try Bits and Bugs.

Have you heard?

... the bird is the word.

I have to admit I'm a bit of a sucker for anything bird related. As you will see in my earlier post I have some gorgeous side plates with birds on them. I actually have a second set which I'm yet to feature on here - but there's no need to divulge my love of pretty plates more than I already have on here.

Here are some funky wall decals from etsy:

Image from PopWall.

Image from walldecors.

Image also from walldecors.

I love this room (and the beatles lyrics just add to the look):

Image from Derek Henderson.

You can purchase this beautiful photo from AliciaBock's etsy shop.

I could use a few of these tea towels in my kitchen. Available from ooladesigns.

How cute are these salt and pepper shakers? Image from karunadesigns.

Tweet tweet - I'm over and out.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The perfect sofa

Over the past few years, I've been collecting bits and pieces of furniture in anticipation of moving out of my parents' house.

One piece, however, which I haven't been able to obtain to date is the elusive perfect sofa.

I currently own a pair of these funky retro tv chairs, which I hope to reuphoster:

House 016

Ultimately, I would love to pair them with a retro style sofa like this one which was featured in the January/February edition of RealLiving magazine (Australia).

Despite my constant trawling of eBay and various antique furniture shops, I can't seem to find a mid-century style sofa which is just perfect (and within my price range). As such, I've turned my search to new sofas which will work with the look I'm trying to achieve.

I think that ultimately, this will be a better decision. If I were to sell my property I'd hate to think that buyers might be turned off by my furnishings... and anyway, I think something sleek and modern will be a nice contrast to my retro pieces.

As I have ordered white replica DSR chairs , I think I would like a white leather couch to tie in my look.

I've been considering the Ikea Karlstad sofa, in white leather. It represents really good value for a leather sofa and I love the design.

I think I would team the sofa with the silver aliminium legs (as opposed to the stock standard birch).
Another option is a replica Florence Knoll sofa:

Recollections have a sofa available in a very similar style. I'm a concerned that it might be a bit too cream for what I'm after:

If it isn't clear, there's a particular style I have in mind. But the ultimate question is - am I crazy to even consider a white sofa? I don't have any children or animals in my life that I need to worry about, so I should be able to take care of it... right?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kitchen splashback

I posted in great depth my kitchen dilemma, in deciding what to use for my splashback after finding out that my first choice of glass would break the budget.

I'm happy to report that the glass tiles I chose were installed today and look amazing... even if I do say so myself.

Here are a couple of photos (before and after the tiles were grouted). I'll try and get some better photos at a later date... six of my lovely friends and I spent the whole day painting my house, so it was in a state of shambles. Drop cloths everywhere aren't particularly conducive for taking nice pictures.

Before grouting:

After grouting:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Eames DSR chairs

I thought I'd post a quick update on my decision to buy replica Eames DSR chairs to accompany my teak extension table.
There are several online stores based in Australia which stock these chairs incluing Matt Blatt, ClickOn Furniture and Replica Furniture. Each store currently has the chairs priced at $99 each.

My Mum has previously ordered items from both Matt Blatt and ClickOn Furniture and was happy with each experience.

As I am based in Perth the main consideration for me was the postage costs of getting 4 of these babies over to me. Ultimately I ended up ordering through Replica Furniture, as the postage costs were considerably less.

So far I am very happy with the experience. I placed my order and received a confirmation immediately stating that my order would be shipped within 3 business days. Approximately 3 hours later I received a further email confirming that my order has been dispatched!

I guess the proof will be in the pudding... I'll let you know how things go when the chairs arrive.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Teak tables

It's no secret that I love mid-century inspired furniture. So I'm sure you can imagine my delight when I managed to pick up this gorgeous round teak extension table from eBay.

I had been to several antique and mid-centry design shops on the hunt for a similar table. However, these shops were just out of my price range. It may take time, but trawling sites like eBay and Gumtree is a fantastic way to find affordable furniture.

I plan to place it in my dining area, under my Ikea knappa pendant light.

This table is absoutely perfect for me and my house! Since my dining area is quite small, I can keep the table in it's unextended position for the majority of the time. Then on the occasions that I have a few extra guests for dinner, it extends easily. It may be kitsch, but it's very practical.

I'm hoping to pair the table with some replica Eames DSR (eiffel) chairs. Isn't this pale green set just divine?

Image from softestthing.

However, in my house I think I will stick with the classic white.

Image from son_ia.