Monday, January 25, 2010

Latest obsession - cow hide rugs

I'm not quite sure how this started - but I just love cow hide rugs. I really want, nay, NEED one in my home.

Set off the alarm - my obsession has reached pandemic levels!

Jokes aside, I love how they can bring a little bit of warmth into a room.

Image from m2matiz ° o .

Image from Living Etc. January 2005 via tallulahblue's photostream.

Image from alexinteriors.

The major dilema I face is what colour would suit my place? Overall I have a fairly neautral colour scheme - white walls, mid-brown tone floorboards, white couch, teak table.

I really like the look of this rug with the beautiful tan and white components.

However, I'm not sure if I would be safer choosing something like this rug which has more grey tones in it.

Both images from naturalmadehide's ebay store.

Once I decide on a colour I think the difficulty is going to be finding an affordable option!

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