Friday, January 8, 2010


Back to the renovations.

I work full time and have zero handy-woman skills, accordingly, I have arranged for a builder and other tradesmen to complete most of the renovation work on my place.

The most physically demanding thing I've done so far, was to rip up the existing flooring (and believe me, it was tough!).

The flooring through the majority of my villa was carpet originally. Not too scary, right?

How wrong was I? After ripping the carpet up I discovered that the existing underlay was nicely stuck to the concrete.

I had decided to install floorboards through the majority of the property which meant that the existing surface was required to be relatively smooth. As a result, my Dad, Brother, friend L and I spend countless hours with a shovel scraping the lining off the concrete.

Was it worth it? Well I think the results speak for themselves:

I really think that the floors make such a difference in bringing the place up to date. I really debated whether I could justify spending the extra money to have wood (as opposed to wood laminate flooring), but I believe the extra costs are worth every penny.

In the bedrooms I opted for this fairly neutral grey carpet. I think it tones in well with the bathroom and was obviously a more cost effective option than having wood throughout the property.


  1. Looks fab! Im another Perth-ite, can you tell me who you went with for the floors?

  2. Hi Linda, I used a really little company in Osborne Park called Osborne Park Carpet and Timbers. They are at 57 Frobisher Street.

    There's a few of the usual big carpet shops along that street, but I generally found that they weren't very helpful. This place has a father and son working there (I think they were the owners), they were really nice and were ok that I was working with a budget.

  3. Thats great thanks! I'll pay them a visit!