Monday, January 18, 2010

The perfect sofa

Over the past few years, I've been collecting bits and pieces of furniture in anticipation of moving out of my parents' house.

One piece, however, which I haven't been able to obtain to date is the elusive perfect sofa.

I currently own a pair of these funky retro tv chairs, which I hope to reuphoster:

House 016

Ultimately, I would love to pair them with a retro style sofa like this one which was featured in the January/February edition of RealLiving magazine (Australia).

Despite my constant trawling of eBay and various antique furniture shops, I can't seem to find a mid-century style sofa which is just perfect (and within my price range). As such, I've turned my search to new sofas which will work with the look I'm trying to achieve.

I think that ultimately, this will be a better decision. If I were to sell my property I'd hate to think that buyers might be turned off by my furnishings... and anyway, I think something sleek and modern will be a nice contrast to my retro pieces.

As I have ordered white replica DSR chairs , I think I would like a white leather couch to tie in my look.

I've been considering the Ikea Karlstad sofa, in white leather. It represents really good value for a leather sofa and I love the design.

I think I would team the sofa with the silver aliminium legs (as opposed to the stock standard birch).
Another option is a replica Florence Knoll sofa:

Recollections have a sofa available in a very similar style. I'm a concerned that it might be a bit too cream for what I'm after:

If it isn't clear, there's a particular style I have in mind. But the ultimate question is - am I crazy to even consider a white sofa? I don't have any children or animals in my life that I need to worry about, so I should be able to take care of it... right?

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