Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm in my own personal hell

I'm surrounded by 30-odd paint swatches, 5 sample pots, a dulux colour brochure I've pulled to pieces so I can hold the colours next to one another and analyse them in greater detail... I've been to Bunnings twice due to the lack of ability of the 12 year old working in the paint section to correctly tint my sample pots... and I'm no closer to an answer!

What colour do I paint my walls?!?!

(Click on the picture for a larger view).

OK to start out I'll say that I totally hate the colour on the left, it looks lavender (in my defence it looked grey in the colour chart)... so I think I've narrowed it down to one of the darker colours. I'm not sure whether to go with the more brown based colour (upper far right) or grey based colour (lower far right).

You can see a tiny hint of a light grey I tested (very bottom of the picture, to the right of the pole) - another one that just didn't work, since it was far too light. The one major advantage of the darker colours is they seem to hide the imperfections on my walls... which, having regard to my DIY rendering skills is a bonus.

As always thoughts, comments and suggestions are always appreciated. I will be painting tomorrow so decisions must be made!


  1. I'm no colour expert but I reckon top right is a bit warmer in tone which will be complimentary with the trees and the brick flooring you have.
    Fantastic job on the rendering! I'm so impressed!

  2. Hello! Good on you for rendering yourself. Now colour - I like the grey bottom right. We painted our rendered wall in a browny stone paint in our first home but if I was to do it again today I would have gone a grey. If the courtyard walls are quite visible from inside maybe go with the one that goes with your interior colours?

    You are on the right track with a dark colour as it should help hide any imperfections. Are you going to use a regular paint or one with texture to it (like fine sand in with the paint)? Texture helps hide any issues too. You can just roller it on the same as regular paint but it is a little more expensive.

    Have fun and good luck!

  3. I too like the bottom right. Good luck!