Monday, October 4, 2010

The best laid plans...

I had the most productive weekend planned... I was going to paint my newly rendered courtyard walls and plant the garden, buy some pots and funky plants and start painting my outdoor furniture.

So what did I actually get done? Well my walls are painted:

I ended up going with a taulbmans colour called "Hamstead" (but due to some major tinting issues when getting sample pots, I ended up using British paints and getting it colour matched). For reference, it was the upper right colour from my previous post.

As for the rest of my "to do" list... what can I say? I got a better offer. A friend took some of us over to Rottnest Island on his boat to watch the AFL grand final (version 2.0). I have to say I was personally much more interested in enjoying a day out in the sun as opposed to the footy.

Photos taken on my iPhone and made to look pretty using the "Polarize" app.


  1. oh the wall looks amazing! you should be so proud of your DIY skills :) I really should get off my lazy rear end and finish painting my own back courtyard fence! So lucky getting to go to Rottnest too - I've been to Perth several times so far and each and everytime I've wanted to go to Rottnest however the weather has either been awful or I've been on a o/n trip for work so there wasnt time. Hope u had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks misskitty, I'm pretty happy with how things have turned out.

    Rottnest is definitely worth a trip if ever you get back to Perth and have some nice weather. The beaches are gorgeous and you can go snorkeling etc. I'm very fortunate that my lovely friend's boyfriend has a boat and likes to take us over there. We see dolphins pretty much every time we head out and even saw a couple of whales once, which was pretty amazing.

  3. The walls look great! When i get home, it will be perfect weather for you to have us over for drinks in your new and beautiful garden. You will also have to teach Dave to render. You have inspired us with your DIY!

  4. Hi Kristen, have you done any of your courtyard planting? I would love to see it :)