Saturday, April 3, 2010

Technology, schmeknology

Blog readers out there, I have a terrible secret I have to confess. OK it's not so terrible, nor is it a secret... I'm single. Yes, you read correctly. I am without a man in my life. Tragic, right? I mean how on earth am I meant to make decisions on my own?

Putting all my sarcasm aside, there are times, like today, when I wish I had a handy person in my life.

Exhibit A: remember the funky antler hook I posted about recently, I thought I would hang it on my wall.

Being the independent and capable woman that I am, I strolled down to Bunnings (antler hook in toe) and bought the necessary supplies...

Wall plugs - check
Screws - check
Drill - check
Correct sized drill piece - check

I then proceeded to my good friend google and found a tutorial on what I was meant to be doing (don't laugh!). Following the same, I measured a plug against my drill piece and put masking tape on the piece - so I don't drill too far. There I was - ready and able to go... for the life of me do you think I can figure how to put the drill piece into my drill? No, of course not!

So for the time being at least, my lovely antler hook remains on my table.

Annoyed, but not yet defeated I thought I would set up my TV... can't be too hard right? So I hook it up, attach the antenna cable - "poor connection or signal". Ahhhhhh!!!!

Today is just not my day.


  1. Kristen - u need to march yourself back down to Bunnings and bat your eyelids at the v helpful handymen in the tools department and I am sure they will be happy to help u out and show you how to use your powertool! hehehe But seriously just go back to Bunnings as I honestly do find that they are usually really eager to help out.

  2. I have to say I laughed out loud reading your post... maybe it's because I have the maturity level of a 15 yr old boy, but there are just so many double entendres which come to mind with the powertool reference!

    But yes, that could be my problem - I tend to go to Bunnings in really daggy clothes. Maybe if I totter on down in some heels, a full face of make-up and act dumb it might help my case.