Saturday, April 17, 2010

Born in the USA

While I do love life in the wonderful country that is Australia, there are times I pine to live elsewhere. I blame this mostly on the evil devise that is online shopping! There are so many gorgeous shops out there with funky (and often affordable) furniture and homewares which I want which don't ship to Australia.

I think Urban Outfitters is a prime example of the pain I have to live through! I've been browsing through their "apartment" section recently and am personally blown away by the funky and cheap furniture on offer. For example the mid-century sofa pictured above is only $480**!!!

I'm digging this retro style alarm clock speaker - again a steal at around $40. I should note that smaller items such as this (and clothes) generally can be shipped to Australia. However, the postage costs can get a bit pricey!

Who doesn't want to own a gold record? Even if it's just a clock - $42.

The Manchester media stand ($88) and lulu chair ($425) are another couple of favourties on offer at Urban Outfitters.

Last, but definitely not least is the mid-century rocker chair ($288). I have no room for it in my house at all! But if there was a way I could have it shipped to Australia (at that price), I think I could find room for it in my life.

**Note - all prices referred to in this post are USD.

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