Thursday, April 15, 2010

Attempting to hang the antler hook - version 2.0

I have been lucky enough to have a day of annual leave today. No work - what more can a girl ask for? I slept in, had a coffee with a friend, a late brekkie with another and went clothes shopping.

Self-indulgence out of the way - I thought I'd try once more to hang my antler hook.

With the help of my cousin, the drill piece was now in my drill. I took my time and carefully measured the exact spots on the wall. I was now ready to start drilling.... Drill in hand, I plugged it into the wall and brought it over and was ready to go. One minor issue - the cord was too short and I don't have an extension cord at my place. *face palm*

I proceeded back to the hardware store for the 10,oooth time. Ten minutes and $5 later - I'm ready to go once again. Let the drilling commence! I line the drill up with my marking and press the button...

The drill turns, I hear a noise - is that the sweet sound of success? I press harder, dust from the plaster starts falling around me, my hopes are raised and then nothing. The drill piece is half way in and won't go any further.

I don't know if it's my technique or the drill piece itself but ahhhhh! I think I need to rename this blog "Tales of an un-handy woman" at the rate I'm going.

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