Friday, April 16, 2010

Antler hook - the final chapter

Reading back on my previous post I really hope that I'm not portraying any negative gender stereotypes, I'm just not that handy!
In all seriousness, are there any websites out there with basic information (for chicks or the less handy among us) for those of us attempting DIY jobs? There has to be some way to let a girl (who has never used a drill before) know that there is "hammer" function on a drill which you're meant to use when you are drilling into bricks. Or at least without going to the hardware store 4 times!
Anyway, it's done! Can I have a hallelujah anyone?

Now I'm not going to pretend I wasn't scared when I put my bag on there!

While I was on a roll, I even managed to hang this tassel curtain in my bedroom (over the top of the existing roller blind).

No other interesting updates for today. I promise I'll avoid (or at least try) complaining about my lack of DIY skills in the future!

1 comment:

  1. I'm loving those antler hooks. Glad you finally got them onto the wall!