Sunday, April 18, 2010

Magazine Inspiration - Part 4

I thought it was time I posted some more pretty pictures I've had stashed away and used as inspiration for my house. Here is a lovely house that was featured in RealLiving magazine:


Where do I start? Well firstly I am jealous by the collection of sideboards that the owner of this place has. Secondly - the framed posters and artwork. I love how they have a vintage feel and still work so well mixed in with modern pieces.


I think the collection of yellow glass is possibly my favourite feature of this house.


As a final note, there are no words to express how in love I am with that yellow cow hide rug. If anyone has one they want to give to me, I'll happily take it off your hands.

It's a running joke among my friends about how much I love anything and everything that is mustard yellow in colour... apparently it's a "weird shade".

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  1. I remember tearing out these exact same pages from my mag!! I even hunted online for a few days for the large Gratifoni Columbia print but am yet to find one of the right size. :)

    Cool Blog - glad I came across this. I just love the vintage / modern look.