Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Le House of Tarjay

I've made a few purchases lately from Le House of Tarjay (otherwise more commonly known as Target). They currently have a big home sale on, which has encouraged me to try and find some budget priced items which can achieve a designer look.

I dropped by during my lunch break today and picked up this "Round Iron Spike Mirror" for the grand total of $25 (on sale down from $59).

It's currently a brassy colour, which doesn't really suit my house. So I'm planning on painting it black. I'm not sure what is the best to use in these circumstances - spray paint seems like an easy option. In any event, I'll keep you updated if I have any success!

If anyone is looking for bedding items, they have some great bargains! I also purchased two europeans pillows for $22 (buy one pillow - get the second for $2) and their 1000 thread count sheet sets are currently half price.


  1. Snap! I just did a post about Target too. I'll link to your blog!

  2. i missed out - i want one but missed out on the sale and now they dont have any left :(

    where can i get one for that price?

  3. Sorry to hear that you missed out! I'm not sure where you can get one... I guess you might just have to wait for the next home sale and see how you go. Sorry I can't give any better advice.

  4. I agree the Target 1000 thread count sheets rock my world. They wash really well. A pet peeve is when I splash out on nice sheets and they go to crap after a few of washes. But these humble Target ones are ace. I'm forever endorsing them to family and friends, I'm sadly obsessed! I have 3 sets, beige, blue and chocolate... on sale of course, ca ching! Bonus!