Sunday, March 14, 2010

Frame my life

I (still) haven't moved into my house... it's a bit of a joke among my friends and family, but once I organsie a trailer / van / ute / helpful friend with a big car, I can finally manage to get the last few items of furniture into my house.

In the interim, I've been obsessing about my walls! They are totally bare at the moment and I'm a bit stumped for ideas.

I love the idea of a collection of frames with photos and/or art. Here's a little bit of inspiration I've found:

Image from creaturecomforts.

I love the image above - the consistent use of black frames really ties the space together. However, I think the overall style (while beautiful) doesn't suit my house.

Image from Candimandi.
I adore this person's style - it's so cute and quirky.

Image from Candimandi.

It was purely coincidental that I found two images that were both from CandiMandi. But CandiMandi, whoever you are - you rock my world.
I've mentioned previously how I'm a big fan of having frames propped up against a wall as opposed to hung. It works so well on a sideboard and makes if easy if you're inclined to move your art around.

Image from leVintageMaison.

Isn't this just darling? The birds and the butterflies are so whimsical!

Image from no penny for them.

I just think this set up is pretty.

OK, so I think I can probably handle purchasing some frames. But the next question is - where does one source their art from? I'm on a budget and have no artistic talents whatsoever, so DIY is totally out of the question.... I think etsy might be the way to go! The hunt is on!



    Try this, a site full of free art to download and print off

  2. Thanks for the link, some of the art on there is just gorgeous! I can't believe it's free, what a great concept for a site :)