Thursday, February 4, 2010

Table decorations

I'm very honoured that one of my wonderful friends has just asked me to be a bridesmaid for her upcoming wedding. I myself, couldn't be further from getting married so get to live vicariously through her!

It hasn't been decided yet, or really discussed with the other maids - but I've offered my parents' house as a venue to hold the kitchen tea / bridal shower/ hen's night (or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days).

I envisage a warm afternoon, filled with lovely finger food, pims punch, bubbley and not a single joke penis straw in sight!

I would love to set up a food table like this one:

The pink is just so gorgeous! Image from Martha Stewart Weddings.

I doubt we'll be able to have a sit down event for everyone involved, but these flowers are amazing! My Mum has lots of roses in her garden, so hopefully there will be enough in bloom that we can arrange some freshly cut stems on the food table.

Image also from Martha Stewart Weddings.

If I have enough time, I would love to make some pom poms in matching colours to decorate the house.

Image from maliburachel.

If you are looking for similar, you can buy a kit to make pom poms from Etsy.

Image from prosttothehost's etsy shop.

Last but not least, cupcakes are a mandatory requirement!

Poster available from jennysbakeshop's etsy shop.

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