Sunday, February 14, 2010

Magazine inspiration - part 1

I've previously admitted that I'm a bit of a home magazine junkie. During the course of my renovations this obsession spiked to levels never seen previously - I decided to create a "file".

This sounds innocent enough right? Wrong! My file is divided into individually labelled sections, everything from bathroom fittings to tile quotes. My personal favourite section is home decor - which predominantly contains pictures I've ripped our of magazines featuring homes I love.

While spending particularly lonely Saturday night at home alone (valentines day eve, to be precise), I decided to scan and organise my inspiration pictures. Here is one of my favourite homes:


I think I love every single element in the living room of this home! From the wooden floors, to the light walls, the full length curtains and the furniture. My favourite element would have to be the sideboard decorated with the collection of blue vases. (Apologies for the crooked scanning!).


This is the dining room of the same house, once again I love each detail - the dining setting and cow hide rug are to die for!

Both images from RealLiving Magazine.

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