Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have such a soft spot for succulents... I really think I need to pop out to a nursery immediately and buy a few to have as indoor plants. They are just go gorgeous! I love the architectural feel that they have about them.

Succulent wedding favours via Martha Stewart Weddings.

I think a set of three in some gorgeous neutral pot plants like the above image would be gorgeous in my kitchen window (although maybe minus the bow).

Image via inklore's photostream.

Image via
sacredlotus' photostream.


  1. You can get pretty reasonably priced succulents at Ikea - last time I went I got miniature ones for about $2 each, I also bought a grouped set of 3 neutral pots (you can see them here: So far they have survived (and I kill most things) so they can't be too bad quality.

  2. Thanks for the tip meg, I've never noticed them at Ikea before but might have to check them out on the weekend. Yours look gorgeous :)

  3. I love the succulents you can send as a gift at I've sent the rosemary bush in a wooden tub as a thank you and Dad got the bonsai as a Father's Day gift this year.