Friday, July 23, 2010


Ahh flowers. I don't think there's anything that makes me happier than having fresh flowers in my house. I wish I could have a new bunch (or two) every single week. Note to future potential boyfriends - flowers are always a good idea.

But alas, it's not something I can quite fit into my budget, so I tend to rely on what I can manage to steal from my Mum's garden.


Gorgeous roses.

More roses in my bathroom.


Lovely lilies (I think) - housewarming present from a wonderful friend.


More roses from Mum's garden.

Looking at all these flowers really makes me think I should do something about my garden!

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  1. Flowers make me so happy too! I try and pick up a giant bunch of wild flowers from the markets each week, they cost no more that $6. The ones i am lovingly staring at have been going strong for over two weeks. Oh flowers.